Why you should lose that belly fat....risky

Not only does it make you look ugly ,it's actually a health risk to you....So you not only have to look weird at the beach, you should also fear losing your health being.

It's very disturbing to see lots of people living very comfortably with a bag of fat in their front. It's actually prestigious to have a big belly in some parts of the globe.

They think it's no big deal, they'll live happily ever after with their bloated bellies. Well that's false and not is it only false but its bad too because it can kill you.

Yes, if you have even a few excess pounds of fat in your tummy, you might go down the grave earlier than you should.

Carrying the belly is easy BUT what it brings or causes is what you definitely DON'T WANT TO BEAR.

What's the health risk

Colorectal cancer

    Colorectal cancer
When you're carrying even a few pounds of belly fat, you have a GREATER risk of getting colorectal cancer. The fat just makes it convenient for the cancer to land in. Although it can be treated when detected in early stages, there's a great deal of pain here. 

And no jokes about if it can kill because it can. Colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer in both man and woman. Being obese, particularly having a potbelly(belly fat) just gives it more credit and leverage to come in.

    Type 2 Diabetes     

    Also belly fat causes insulin resistance which then puts Type 2 diabetes preying on you. Studies suggest that abdominal fat causes fat cells to release ‘pro-inflammatory’ chemicals, which can make the body less sensitive to the insulin it produces by disrupting the function of insulin responsive cells and their ability to respond to insulin. (yes too geeky but you need to know this)

    This is what docs call insulin resistance and is the main characteristic of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes on its own causes furthermore complications again like excess urination, fatigue, excessive hunger and thirst, poor/blurred vision.......you don't want all these nasty stings on your body. Get rid of belly fat 

    High blood pressure

    Belly fat ,just like all fat on any other part causes high blood pressure. The fat will suppress the easy flow of blood and you can imagine the pressure it gives to your heart and breathing. 

    The valves of your veins can get clogged or obstructed causing complete blockage to some areas of your body(this can kill when its a vital organ lacking blood) If parts of the skin also lack blood, dark marks may appear(dead skin). All this caused by belly fat you can easily lose. Lose it fast

    Sleep apnea

    Belly fat in adults comes along with less rigid tissue in the  throat and mouth. So when you sleep it relaxes to such an extent that it closes your airway, that's the hallmark of sleep apnea.

    Getting your breathing limited to a few positions while you sleep. That's uncomfortable and can be lethal if you get choked or suffocated. 
    It also comes with embarrassing and annoying traits like loud-snoring, insomnia, nightmares and daytime sleepiness. When left untreated, it can lead to other long-term illnesses like heart disease and diabetes.

    Skeletal deformation

    Though its only in the most extreme cases, belly fat can deform your skeletal structure. Because it's an unnecessary weight hanging on you, your body will adapt to make you stand stable with it.

    Those people who carry potbellies in their front for years end up having the peer-structure for men and the apple-structure for women. To make it even worse, the deformation is irreversible, meaning you'll die like that. Very sad.

      So now you know it, belly fat does more bad than good.
      Not only do you look dump, but your life is on the knife.

      Then there are the obvious inconveniences caused by belly fat. Those we see everyday. Like looking weird at the beach, unable to cuddle your loved one really close and all that embarrassing moments. 

      Soo should you lose belly fat...??? You don't have to be asked dear.

      You definitely have to lose belly fat, do it for your health.


      To the beautiful and healthy you

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