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Pay attention to your face

ATTENTION: This page is not for women alone, man too can be gorgeous, regardless of age, beard or no beard. In fact, everyone should be gorgeous.

You know it's a surprising reality that lots of young ladies, even grandmamas spend three times as much time doing makeup than the time they take in the bathroom. Yeah, they can do it soo much until their own eyes say, "Now you look gorgeous"
Do you know why they do that...???

Because they know that their faces affect a lot on their side and on everyone around them. Your facial expressions: smiles, laughs even sneezes need your best face to come out right.

Hey, I'm not telling you to spent a zillion minutes looking in the mirror brushing your face with powders and glitters. Those are girl-things. I just want you to realise what your face should be like and what exactly you can do to be that better-looking-face person you'll be proud of.

Before I show you that, let me tell you something you don't hear everyday.